Anemometers, using the latest ultrasonic, rotating vane and thermal technology, and Manometers, for air velocity, pressure and volume flow. Digital thermometers, Barometers and particulate emission samplers. Pressure sensing Pitot tubes, Flow grids, testing sets and ductwork leakage testers.
Airflow monitors for warning and control. Wind tunnels and specialist products and application solutions produced by experts for experts.
Powerful centrifugals. Single, double, twin scroll or stool mounted, flue dilution or destratification from stock or tailor made to your requirements.
Powerful extract fans for Toilets, Bathrooms, Shower cubicles, Utility rooms and Kitchen ventilation in homes, shops, restaurants and small commercial premises. Stemshire Shaded Pole Motors and Geardrives up to 40 Watts output.
Suitable for indexing, vending and low power motorised equipment