Alnor® Air Volume Instruments

The Balometer family of capture hoods is well respected among HVAC contractors and Test and Balance engineers. The Standard Balometer uses unique mechanical swinging vane technology. The Electronic Balometer is popular because of its accuracy and ability to measure multiple indoor parameters. The LoFlo Balometer is brand new and is perfect for residential and light commercial applications.

LoFlo Balometer®--Low-cost, digital instrument, 10 - 500 cfm

Standard Balometer --Analog instrument, 25 - 2000 cfm

Balometer Jr --Low-cost, analog instrument, 0 - 1400 cfm

Electronic Balometer APM 150 --Digital meter, 50 - 2000 cfm. Meter works with velocity probes.

DB 150 Electronic Balometer --Talks with VMA 1400 from Johnson Controls, Inc..

Balometer Accessories --Many hood sizes available.

Balometer Specifications --A comparison of all Alnor models.

Alnor Air Velocity Instruments

There are many situations which call for quick, accurate measurement of air distribution in buildings. Contractors, facilities maintenance personal, engineers, and industrial hygienists need precise measuring instruments. The Alnor product line includes mechanical instruments that require no batteries or electrical power, plus thermo-anemometers with data storage and downloading capabilities.

For continuous monitoring of air velocity, check out the following products

CompuFlow® 8570 --Measures velocity, volume and temperature.

CompuFlow 8585 --Measures velocity, volume, temperature and humidity.

9880 & 9850 Thermo-anemometers --Intrinsically safe, measures velocity.

9870 Thermo-anemometer --Measures velocity and temperature.

Velometer® 6000 --Measures velocity and static pressure.

Velometer Jr --Measures velocity only, does not require batteries.

Air Velocity Transducer

Multipurpose Meter APM 360 --Measures velocity, volume, temperature and humidity.

MicroPrinters --Used to print measurement data.

Alnor Air Pressure Instruments

All Alnor AXD MicroManometers are accurate and easy to use. They feature various storage and measurement capabilities. For example, the AXD 550 measures pressure, velocity and volume; the AXD 510 measures differential and static pressure.

AXD 550 MicroManometer

AXD 530 MicroManometer

AXD 510 MicroManometer

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