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High Performance Portable Eddy Current Instrument

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Introducing the ED-810 impedance plane tester, the performance/value leader in portable "exotic" metals testing equipment. The programmable, high performance eddy current tester owns the industry's widest frequency range for its size. It also features the lightest weight and the biggest display screen. With a host of user conveniences, the ED-810 makes even the most critical testing procedure simple.

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The ED-810 sorts alloys, evaluates physical and metallurgical properties, and detects flaws and cracks. It is designed for field and laboratory use in aerospace, power generation, petro-chemicals, manufacturing, shipbuilding, metalworking and forming, construction and more.

With an outstanding 40 Hz to 6 MHz frequency range and high 80V/ohm sensitivity, the portable ED-810 can test the most exotic, high temperature metals. It also fulfills any eddy current testing need: detecting flaws and cracks, determining coating thickness and corrosion thinning, sorting alloys, verifying heat treatment and more.

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The Centurion ED-810 is easily programmable and microprocessor controlled for field duty. It allows the operator to program and store test variables for up to 100 different applications. They can be recalled instantly at the test site, saving set up time and minimizing the possibility of errors. Housed in a durable shell, the lightweight ED-810 is built to last for years. It is also backed by Centurion NDT's worldwide sales and technical support.

(The versatile ED-810 satisfies a variety of critical test requirements with unmatched speed and accuracy.)

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Case dimensions: 14" x 5.5" x 15" (36cm x 14.0cm x 38cm).
Weight: 24 lbs. (11 kg), including battery pack.
Frequency range: 40 Hz to 6 Mhz in 1 Hz increments.
Power Requirements: Line: 115 or 230 VAC single phase, 50/60 Hz, with battery eliminator.
Battery: rechargeable gel-cel.
Charger operates from 115 or 230 VAC, single phase, 50/60 Hz.
Readout: X-Y impedance plane, flying dot display with electronically generated graticule.
Outputs: Available for chart recorder, relay contacts and RS-232 serial interface.
Environmental capability: Temperature range from 0 to 120F (-17 to 49C) at 85% RH.