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Pulse Ultrasonic Test Unit

A highly advanced, modular and portable flaw scanning unit, specially designed for critical-performance inspection

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Proven Reliable In ISI Inspection
The Centurion PS-710B Pulse Ultrasonic Test Unit provides versatile flaw detection capability for many inspection needs. Its state-of-the-art performance and high reliability under critical inspection conditions are dependable on by many nuclear ISI inspection teams. It's also widely used in NDE test labs, as well as throughout the aircraft, automotive and metalworking industries.

The standard PS-710B building block model provides fast, accurate measurements for many routine manual tests as well as basic systems and laboratory applications. Additional modules offer an economical way to increase capability, including a gate with attenuation correction, AGC and velocity measurement. Analog time and amplitude outputs are available which permit hard copy testing (chart recording) and drive remote displays up to 200 feet away from the main unit.

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Size: 13" (33 cm) long, 11" (28 cm) wide, and 6" (15 cm) high
Weight: 16 lbs. (7.25 kg) with battery
Frequency range: Broad band tuner with switcher: 1, 2.5, 5, 10, 15 MHz tuning bands.
Resolution: 5/64" (.2 cm) diameter reflector 1/8" (.3 cm) below surface at 5 MHz (contact transducer) in steel.
Sensitivity: At least 12 dB reserve at 5 MHz on a 1-0300 ASTM Aluminum block.
Vertical Linearity: 2% (ASTM E317)
Horizontal Linearity: Linear from 10% to 90%, +/-2% AWS and ASME code conformance to linearity requirements.
Display Dynamic Range: At least 30 dB within full scale limits.
Unit Dynamic Range: 124 dB
Sweep Rate: 6 ranges from 3 to 1200 microseconds (.4"(1 cm) to > 1 0" in steel) 10 turn dials.
Sweep Delay: From before initial pulse to > 150 microseconds (15" (38 cm) in steel) 10 turn dials.
Pulse Repetition Rate: Automatically controlled by sweep rate or manually adjusted: 125, 250, 1000, 2000 and 4000 pulses per second.
Operating Temperature Range: -10F (-23C) to +120F (+49C).
Gain dB: 0 to 83 dB in one dB steps through three gain position switch (0, 8, 14 dB) and thumbwheel control (0 to 69 dB).
Battery Charge Duration: Up to 7 hours, at 70F (21C) (new cells) for PS-710B (without modules) under continuous operation.
Battery Charger: Operates on 115-230V, 50/60 Hz line current. Connects to back of instrument, permits PS-710B to operate on line current.
Handle: Stainless steel with 14-position spring lock.
Connectors: BNC

Front Panel Controls

CRT Controls

Top Compartment Controls

Accessory Modules
The AT-1003 is a gate module for the PS-710B which allows the user to perform gating functions in the contact mode or interface (immersion) mode. The threshold point for the alarm, a visual and audible type, can be set an any point on the screen and tripped by an increasing signal (positive) or a decreasing signal (negative). Positive or negative gating is switch selectable.


Amplitude Correction: Gain control adjustable to reduce greatest signal in selected area by as much as 25 dB, to within 2 dB of selected level.
Range: 1.0-4.5 to 18 microseconds after initial pulse.
Caliper Interface: Provides interface between DR-1002 thickness/velocity module and standard Centurion velocity caliper. Standard measurement range - 1/2" (1.25 cm) to 3 1/2" (9 cm).


Display: 4-digit L.E.D. (.6" (1.5 cm) characters)
Accuracy: a) Time or Thickness: +/-0.5% of full scale +/-2 counts
b) Velocity: Sum of thickness accuracy in percent of measured thickness and time accuracy in percent of measured time.
Mode: Three-position switch: mechanical thickness, velocity or ultrasonic thickness.
Reject Threshold: .050" (.13 cm) to 39.99" (101.5 cm) or 050 (130) to 3999 (10150>) (x 100"/sec.) (254 cm/sec)
Range (ultrasonic thickness): .050" (.13 cm) to 3.99" (10.13 cm)
Range (velocity): 1500 to 2500 (x 100"/ sec). 3810 to 6350 (x 254 cm/sec.)
Operation: 115 V, 50/60 Hz single phase line current only.