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The MHC (Machine Health Checker) range of hand held instruments are designed to be affordable, simple to use, fast and effective condition monitoring tools.


The MHC Memo is a route based data logging device. A route round your plant is set up on your PC, with the software provided. This is then downloaded to the MHC - Memo. The operator walks round the plant taking readings as they go. They store the readings, finish the route and return to the PC. The file is then uploaded to the PC. The rate of degredation of each point measured and displayed for evaluation.

Why would I choose an MHC - Memo?


Stores data for up to 1000 points. Tailored point names. Guided walk round routes. Distress* & dB level displays. Back lit display. Tough rubber & ABS housing. Includes PC software.   Auto trends plots.   Exception reports.   User notes   Route creation




The MHC Classic is designed in the same rugged way as the more complex MHC-Memo, however it is not a Data logging device and thus can be purchased at a lower cost. It is particularly good at giving one off readings on equipment of which it has no history. The ideal tool for the craftperson

Why would I choose an MHC - Classic?.