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Our Products:
GasCheck portable gas leak detectors for Helium, Hydrogen, Argon
GasCheck R2pc portable leak detector for refrigerant gases
GasCheck SF6 designed for the location, leak testing and measurement of SF6 gas in high voltage electrical switch gear
Photec II high performance VOC gas leak detector
Photec 2M high performance environmental VOC monitor
PhoCheck portable PID instruments for VOC
Hydrosteel 6000 portable 'hydrogen in steel' monitor for high / low temperature steels

Calibrated Leaks made to your particular needs of inlet pressure and outlet flow
CalCheck the perfect way to maintain the calibration of your leak detector
Saga Flow Meters a range of gas flow meters that offer high precision accuracy for flows under 10 litres per minute
Calibration Facilities As well as supplying a range of calibration instruments for leak detection, our Calibration Laboratory offers a full calibration service for all types of leak detectors, pressure gauges and flow instruments to ISO 9000 standards