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     NEW!! Spectro SC is an economical ,single cell , visible spectrophotometer. It is easy to use , compact and lightweight. With a continuous wavelength range from 325  nm  to 1000 nm and the ability to hold square cells, 10 mm x 10 mm and round test tubes, makes Spectro SC a first choice for small laboratories and educational institutions.  

Spectro 22 spectrophotometer is one of the most traditional analytical instruments used in conventional laboratories, which can work in the visible, near-ultraviolet, and near infrared spectral range, for quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Spectro 22 RS spectrophotometer is a new generation of visible and near ultraviolet spectral range, with high technology of built-in interface RS-232C, to make it possible to communicate with any IBM compatible computer and printer for test documentation as well as to store, record, and print test results.

The Spectro 2000 RS is a microprocessor automation instrument with the highest technology.  It is the ideal instrument for:  Chemistry, biochemistry lab., analytical, medical, environment protection, agricultural, industry, universities and research.     THE 4 CELL HOLDER WILL MOVE BY THE MICROPROCESSOR AND THE SOFT KEY. 

The Spectro 2000 RSP, has the same features as the Spectro 2000 RS with an additional built in printer.  The Spectro 2000 RS and Spectro 2000 RSP are equipped with the interface RS-232C to be capable of being linked to a computer and external printer. One of the advantages of these Spectrophotometer is that both Spectros, RS and RSP have possibility of kinetic test, plus THE 4 CELL HOLDER WILL MOVE BY THE MICROPROCESSOR AND THE SOFT KEY.  

Spectro UV-VIS RS is one of the most traditional analytical devices used in conventional laboratories which can work in the ultraviolet  and visible range (200-1000nm) for quantitative and qualitative analysis.  It is best suited for various fields  such as clinical laboratory, biochemistry,  petrochemistry, environmental protection, quality control, and industry.  The Spectro UV-VIS RS has a built-in interface RS232C  to be linked to a computer or printer.

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Spectro UV-Vis Auto is Labomed's latest in single beam UV-Vis Spectroscopy, with its seamless integration with any PC; makes managing data easy. The new 2 way communication system allows  the user, to give instructions right from your computer and gives you the ability to print and  record your results in an easy to use interface.