Dipl.Ing. Heinrich List GmbH

Coating Thickness Meters:

Mega_FN MEGA-CHECK FE / FE-S / FN     890,000/1,100,000원/1,300,000

The world's first pocket-size Coating Thickness Meters with a swinging probe for measuring on ferrous and non-ferrous metals (MEGA-CHECK FN: magnetic-induction and eddy current technique).

Mega_check_5F MEGA-CHECK 5F                        1,300,000

Practical and easy to operate device with fixed probe F-5 for measuring coatings on steel up to 5 mm (200 mils) (magnetic induction technique).

Mega_check_5F_ST MEGA-CHECK 5F-ST                1,400,000

See model 5F. Additional Features: Memory for 500 readings, statistics and serial interface RS 232.

Mega_check_5FN_ST MEGA-CHECK 5FN-ST            1,900,000

With fixed probe FN-52AT for measuring coatings up to 5 mm on steel (FE) and 2 mm on non-ferrous metals and non-magnetic steel (NFE). Includes memory for 500 readings, statistics and interface RS 232.

Mega_check_10_ST MEGA-CHECK 10-ST                1,300,000

All types of probes (pluggable) can be used. - Features: SCAN-Function on rough surfaces, memory for 2000 readings, statistics and interface RS 232, display of all readings stored.

Mega_check_20_ST MEGA-CHECK 20-ST                1,800,000

See model 10-ST - Additional Features: Max. 100 application memories, graphic LCD display, backlight, DUPLEX - value indication (Coating / NFE / FE), reference value setting, listing with date and time.