TOFD Caliper

Quick and easy TOFD scanning
A pocket-size device which allows for quick and easy TOFD inspections with a permanent record of the results is fast becoming a best seller for UK manufacturer Phoenix.

The TOFD Caliper has won orders from around the world, including France, since its recent introduction. Phoenix believes the demand reflects the growing popularity of Time of Flight Diffraction as an inspection technique and the need for a lightweight, portable scanner.

The TOFD Caliper, which can be used on plate, pipe or curved surfaces, can be assembled without tools and allows fast manual scanning, particularly for smaller areas or those which would be difficult to access using more bulky equipment.

The kit includes three sets of wedges, for 45, 60 and 70 degree operations, along with 25MHz probes, and can be assembled within minutes. The wedges simply slot into the Caliper and probe distances can easily be adjusted, from 28mm to 160mm apart. The Caliper is ideal for position-related A, B, D and Echo Dynamic Scan Data Collection.

Phoenix designs and manufactures a range of innovative NDT equipment for customers worldwide and has particular expertise in servicing the needs of the nuclear industry. Managing Director Karl Quirk said: 'The TOFD Caliper was designed in response to the demand from clients, many of whom had resorted to using makeshift devices to hold TOFD probes because they hadn't found anything suitable on the market. It has proved popular with customers of all types, from power generation to construction and inspection companies.'

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