Compact Manual Magnetic Scanner

Magman is a versatile, robust magnetic scanner which carries six ultrasonic probes.
It was designed specifically for manual operation and is well proven in the field.

Reduction of inspection times and therefore cost savings, are vital in today’s commercial environment. Magman proved its worth by inspection welds on a new ammonia storage tank in Northern Australia four times faster than the previous method (radiography) at a saving of 120,000 U.S. dollars on inspection costs alone. In addition, real savings were in the faster construction process as a result of this technology. Instead of evacuating the site for radiography, testing was carries out behind the welders whilst the welds were still warm.

Holds 6 probes ( more can be accommodated).
Probes independently sprung and gimballed.
Independent suspension on all four magnetic wheels for uneven surfaces.
Opposing probes can be positioned from 20 mm to 250 mm apart.
Accurate tracking.
Operates in any orientation on flat plate through to 150mm O/D pipe.
Operates on internal pipe surfaces.
Positional encoder output.
Magman can be driven axially along the underside of pipes.
By changing the wheels it can become track mounted for non-magnetic surfaces.
Magman is articulated to improve its performance on uneven surfaces and over weld caps.

· Versatile
· Cost Effective
· Fast Inspection
· Compact - 340mm x 160mm and lightweight (3kg).
· Robust modular construction for site practicability.
· Self supporting on workpiece.
· Thumbscrew probe adjustment.
· Applicable to pipework, pressure vessels, storage tanks.
· Corrosion mapping.
· TOFD assessment.
· Production A, B & D scans and echo dynamic data collection

The system is designed to operate with any multichannel flaw detection system.

System Drawing

User Support
Phoenix Inspection Systems is responsible for the design, manufacture and supply of all its equipment. Comprehensive customer support and training is available as a matter of course. In addition, a specialised consultancy service, based on extensive practical experience of N.D.E systems, can be called upon to advise on specific inspection problems.
ISO 9001


Encoder Unit


Probe Separation
20 – 250mm



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