Ultra Compact - Magnetic - Dual Axis Scanner

Mag-Scan opens up new possibilities in automatic scanning. Ultra compact yet with powerful magnetic wheels, it can scan either automatically or manually on a flat or curved surface.



Ultra compact, only 180 x 190mm
Radial height is 60mm on a 6” NB pipe
Internal diameters from 300mm
Interchangeable wheels
Can drive both circumferentially or axially on pipes
Automatic or manual operations
Permanent encoding on both axis
Track mounted for non ferrous magnetic surfaces
Articulated for scanning complex geometries
Full range of probes and carriers
Tilting probe arm
Scan length up to 300mm


Mag-Scan’s ultra small size allows it to scan in areas where other magnetic scanners will not operate. For scanning over particular areas, the operator can convert to manual scanning yet maintain encoder readout. The probe arms can be tilted and locked in position to enable scans up or down slopes to be carried out.

By changing wheels, the Mag-Scan can drive axially along the underside of pipes or become track mounted for non-magnetic surfaces. The Mag-Scan is articulated to improve its performance on compound curves and over weld caps.


Cost effective magnetic scanner
Versatile - easily changed wheels for different applications
Versatile - ‘code’ complient weld inspection
Versatile - corrosion mapping
Versatile - TOFD assessment
Versatile - applicable to pipework, pressure vessels, structural components etc.
Compact, lightweight, rugged design ensures site practicability

The system is designed to operate with any multi channel flaw detection system with a DC servo controller.

The system can be configured to perform axial scans with circumferential increments or vice versa.

User Support

Phoenix Inspection Systems is responsible for the design, manufacturing and supply of all its equipment. Comprehensive customer support and training is available as a matter of course. In addition, a specialised consultancy service, based on extensive practical experience of N.D.E systems, can be called upon to advise on specific inspection problems.


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