Manual Pipe Scanners

    A pocket-size device which allows for quick and easy TOFD inspections with a permanent record of the results is fast becoming a best seller for UK manufacturer Phoenix.


    Magman is a versatile, robust magnetic scanner which carries six ultrasonic probes. It was designed specifically for manual operation and is well proven in the field.


    SPIDER is a new concept in inspection scanning. Purpose designed using modular construction principles, the scanner constitutes one of the most versatile and cost effective solutions to the problem of accurate controlled scan motion.

Manual X-Y Scanner

    The Phoenix Manual Curved Bed X-Y Scanner when used with any suitable display system enables the operator to obtain such a permanent record when either corrosion mapping or carrying out weld inspection.

Belt Pipe Scanner

    The Belt Pipe Scanner is a girth weld scanner, suitable for use on a wide range of pipe diameters. As the scanner is held onto the pipe using an industry standard toothed drive belt it can be used on non magnetic pipes. It is capable of scanning the full 360?of a circumferential weld and it is available in either a manual or semi-automatic version.

Manual Sage

    The sage range of pipe weld inspection manipulators was specifically designed for the ultrasonic inspection of pipe and nozzle welds. The Manual Sage offers new possibilities for fast manual weld inspection with the advantage of a permanent record.

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