The Adaptable X-Y Scanner

SPIDER is a new concept in inspection scanning. Purpose designed using modular construction principles, the scanner constitutes one of the most versatile and cost effective solutions to the problem of accurate controlled scan motion. The unique lightweight Spider combines the benefits of automatic operation with the flexibility of a manual device.


• Extremely versatile, lightweight, modular design is quick and easy to install.
• Sealed to IP65 against water jets - IP68 continuous immersion model also available
• Operates in any orientation and is adjustable to any surface profiles including nozzles and nodes.
• Secure magnetic, vacuum or mechanical attachment to virtually any material.
• Rugged construction means high reliability and virtually maintenance free operation.
• Can be used for a wide range of techniques from ultrasonic imaging to electro-magnetic crack detection.
• Compatible with most inspection data acquisition/display systems.
• Low cost solution covers a wide range of field and laboratory applications.
• The system can be controlled from a fully programmable remote DC servo control or a local hand held unit.


• A, B, C, D and echo-dynamic scans
• Defect Sizing and characterisation
• Defect propagation monitoring
• Corrosion/errosion mapping
• Impact damage assessment
• Fusion and bond interface testing
• Material structural assessment
• Surface profiling
• Micro-crack detection
• Composite laminate plotting

Scanner Specification

Stroke X axis 100-300mm
  Y axis 100-300mm
Encoder Resolution X axis 80 pulses/mm
  Y axis 80 pulses/mm
Speed X axis 5-25mm/s
  Y axis 5-25mm/s
Positional Accuracy   ±1mm
Positional Repeatabilty   better than 1mm
Power Rating   1.5W per axis
Maximum Payload   1kg (Two probes)
Weight   2kg

Options & accessories

• IP68 'immersion' rated version
• Programable DC Servo controller
• Hand held DC Servo controller
• Compressed air induced vacuum generator
• Additional axes including skew.
• Full range of special transducers with gimbal attachment, irrigation and constant force suspension units.

User Support

Phoenix Inspection Systems is responsible for the design, manufacture and supply of all its equipment. Comprehensive customer support and training is available as a matter of course. In addition a specialised consultancy service, based on extensive practical experience of N.D.E systems can be called upon to advise on specific inspection problems.

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