General Purpose Weld Inspection Manipulator

TRAKIT is a unique automated NDT inspection manipulator. It was originally developed to inspect welds on boilers at the Sizewell A nuclear power station. The HT version speeds up process times by allowing welding, heat treatment and ultrasonic testing to be carried out at the same time. This is achieved by allowing continuous inspection at temperatures up to 170ºC.

Phoenix also offers an ambient temperature version of the TRAKIT scanner.


• Can operate on flat or curved surfaces using existing Gullco track
• Lightweight flexible modular structure, easily adapted
• Probe pans can be replaced with the scanner in position.
• HT version operates up to 170ºC
• Low profile to avoid pipework, support beams and lagging
• Guaranteed full coverage of the weld.


The TRAKIT manipulator is designed to fit onto the same Gullco track that has been used to carry out the welding. As such it can offer any fabricator a cost effective entry into automatic inspection. If the HT version is used, ultrasonic scanning can be carried out whilst the fabrication is still hot, especially important if post weld heat treatment is required.

For hot scanning the couplant used is a silicone oil compound whilst the ambient scans use a water based gel. Couplant collection trays can be used to collect silicone couplant for re-cycling, giving additional cost savings.

The scanner is designed to fit within a small envelope. The original envelope was defined by the positions of the horizontal support beams, vertical pipes and the lagging, which was left in situ. During the hot scans to reduce heat loss, only a limited area of the boiler was exposed yet the system had to inspect the maximum length of weld.

The system is designed to operate with any multi channel flaw detection system with a DC servo controller.

The system can be configured to perform axial scans with circumferential increments or vice versa.


• Scan up to 12 probes
• Probe pan scan length up to 2m
• Air cooled for hot scans
• Fits standard Gullco track

User Support

Phoenix Inspection Systems is responsible for the design, manufacturing and supply of all its equipment. Comprehensive customer support and training is available as a matter of course. in addition, a specialised consultancy service, based on extensive practical experience of N.D.E. systems, can be called upon to advise on specific inspection problems.


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