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Radiometric 500D
PalmIR 225D

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NightSight PalmIR 250D
NightSight ProtectIR 4000B
NightSight ProtectIR 4000M
PalmIR 225D
Introducing the
Radiometric 500 Digital
A real-time infrared radiometer with the flexibility of a personal digital assistant.
500DX  Model :
적외선 및 일반카메라 내장: 측정데이터 동시 저장

500DX 한글 자료,          500DX 카타로그         500DX Power Point 자료

Introducing the new
ProtectIR 4000M

The ultimate in marine night vision.



ControlIR 200D
ControlIR 300D
ControlIR 2000B
ControlIR 2000AS

PalmIR 225 Digital
Delivers the industry's best value option in thermal imaging.

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