Bolt Monitor

The Bolt Monitor uses ultrasonic technology to measure the load or elongation of a fastener. Designed for ease-of-use, the Bolt Monitor is a hand-held unit with a straight forward display. To ensure stable readings, the display includes peak and repeatability indicators. Data collected with the Bolt Monitor can be downloaded directly to either a printer or an IBM compatible PC for quick and easy reporting and analysis.


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Description of Features:


Power Key.


Arrow keys allows scrolling through selections.


Enter key stores data information.


Menu key advances and makes changes in selection.


Stability indicator.


Peak amplitude bar graph.


Ambient temperature.


Indicates load or elongation.


Indicates bolt group.


Measurement mode indicator.


Gain setting of receiver.


* The Bolt Monitor displays the load or elongation of a fastener by ultrasonically measuring the change of length and the change in sound velocity.

Data can be transmitted via RS232 to an IBM compatible PC directly from the Bolt Monitor with utility software.

* Limits-mode indicates a graphical presentation of bolt tension and limits.

* Easy-to-operate, hand-held, battery operated unit. No field set up is necessary.

* Peak and repeatability indicators ensure stable readings from transducers.

Data can also be downloaded directly to a printer for easy reporting and analysis.

General Information Specifications*

Bolt Length measurement range:

1.00" to greater than 70" standard

Load measurement range:

100 pounds to unlimited

Elongation measurement range:

.0001 inches to unlimited

Operating temperature range:

0 to 50 C

Maximum number of Groups:


Maximum number of Bolts:


Temperature Compensation:

Manual input

*May vary depending on application environment.


Physical Description

Unit Size -

5.5 inches wide (140 mm).
10 inches long (254 mm).
3.5 inches deep (89 mm)

Weight -

1 lb. 12 oz (794 g).

Keyboard -

Membrane switch panel with dedicated functions.

Case -

ABS plastic.

Data Out -

DB9M, produces 20 column ASCII text reports at 9600 baud.

Transmission -

Data set-up programmed from BoltMike SMII or PC with supplied utilities software.


Presentation -

Graphic backlit, 128 x 64 pixels

Display Viewing Area -

1.2 x 2.4 inches

Power Supply

Battery -

8 cell rechargeable Nicad.

Continuous Operating Time -

4 hours.

Charger -

120/230 volt switchable with LED indicator.


Pulser -

Amplitude 150 volts
Fall Time < 30 nsec.

Receiver -

Maximum gain 70 db
Bandwidth 1 to 15 MHz

Timing -

Clock frequency
50 MHz

Stability -

25 ppm.

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