Flaw Detector

Now Available With DAC
    (Distance Amplitude Correction)

The StressTel FlawMIKE is easy-to-use with direct access keys for all frequently used functions. One key press changes gain, turns the backlight on, prints a report, and displays all FlawMIKE settings. The high resolution LCD display is easy-to-read with a 60Hz update rate and excellent daylight visibility. The rugged metal housing and sealed keypad handle the abuse of the toughest working conditions.

Whether you are looking for delaminations in a tank bottom, pipe wall thickness through attenuative coatings, or defects in a girth weld, choose the StressTel FlawMIKE- your
tough, affordable, easy-to-use flaw detector.


FlawMike Specifications
Key Features
1/4 VGA transflective LCD
3.8 in x 2.9 in (96mm x 74mm) 
   viewing area
320 x 240 pixel density
60 Hz update rate
Adjustable contrast and backlight

Physical Description
9.6 inches wide (244mm)
7.7 inches long (196mm)
2.1 inches deep (53mm)
5 lbs (2.27kg) with batteries
Environmentally sealed aluminum 

Weather resistant keypad
Operating temperature 32 degrees 
   Fahrenheit to 113 degrees 
   Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius to 45 
   degrees Celsius)

  • Five pounds total weight
  • Direct access keys to all 
  • Selectable pulser power 
       settings: low and high
  • Measuring range from 0.14" to 
       120" (3.6mm to 3000mm) in 
  • Selectable transducer modes: 
       single, dual and angle beam
  • Dual gates for accurate  
       thickness measurements
  • Memory storage for 80 datasets
  • Selectable units of measure: 
       inches and millimeters
  • Frequency range from 0.5 MHz 
       to 15 MHz
  • Selectable damping settings
  • Built-In trig functions for 
       precise flaw location
  • RS232 port for serial printers
  • Variable PRF settings


Power Supply
4 "C" Alkaline or NiCad batteries
Interchangeable and easy-to-access
Operating time 8 hours without 
   backlight  6 hours with backlight

Special Features
On Screen Amplitude Measurement: 
   % full screen height
Trig Functions: Calculation of sound 
   path, projection distance and flaw 
Set-Up Memory: 80 datasets
Digital Thickness: Echo-to-Echo 
Direct Report Printers: Epson, HP 
   Deskjet, HP Laserjet and Seiko 
Language: English, German, French, 
   Spanish and Italian 
Unit Features
 1.  Active function


 2.   Digital thickness
 3.   User selectable large digit display
 4.  Active function 
   increment/decrement keys
 5.  ANGLE sets wedge angle, X 
   valueand material thickness
 6.  PROBE ZERO for transducer delay
 7. SETTINGS displays FlawMIKE 
 8.   Data-set function keys
 9.  Dedicated ON/OFF BACKLIGHT 
 10.  Dual or single element 
   measurement mode
 11.  Dedicated GAIN keys
 12.  Signal amplitude
 13.  Dual gates

FlawMike Kit Contains


FlawMike Portable Ultrasonic Flaw Detector


4 "C" NiCad Batteries


External Battery Charger


A.C. Power Supply


Operation Manual


Hardshell Transport Case


Softshell Carrying Bag


Certification of Calibration

The FlawMike has a full one-year warranty on parts and labor excluding batteries.