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The StressTel T-Mike Programmable is a compact, easy-to-use, rugged thickness gauge. The T-Mike P is factory set for your material to ensure consistent thickness measurements between operators.  Reprogramming for a different material, setting units of measurement, and selecting the display backlight is simply done by connecting to a Stresstel T-Mike E thickness gauge or to your computer.

Key features include: auto calibration; sealed aluminum case; amber colored display; measuring range of 0.025 inches to 19.999 inches; 300 hours battery life with (4) alkaline or NiCad "AA" batteries; and two year warranty.

The T-Mike Programmable is supplied with a 1/4" - 5MHz, dual element transducer. The transducer has a potted, four-foot, wear resistant cable with lemo quick disconnect connector.  StressTel offers a wide range of other transducers to meet your application requirements.


Lemo quick-disconnect connectors.


Battery charger connector/data port.


Built-in auto-probe zero block.


Coupling indicator.


Backlit LCD indicates measurements and icons.


Durable lightweight aluminum case.


Weather resistant sealed keypad.


Power key.


Operator selectable Metric (MM) or English (IN) units.




4 1/2-digit amber backlit LCD.

Coupling Check:

NO ECHO display.

Battery Check:

LOW BAT display flashes to indicate battery replacement.


English/Metric selectable
IN or MM displayed.


Unit Size:

2.5 inches wide (64 mm)
4.5 inches long (114 mm)
1.25 inches deep (33 mm)
11 ounces (312 grams)


Sealed aluminum case.


Water resistant keypad.


Material velocity is factory set or can be programmed from a T-Mike E gauge or IBM
compatible computer.
Calibration can be set for various steels, aluminum, glass and plastics as determined
     by the customer

Power Supply

Four AA alkaline or NiCad batteries.
Interchangeable and easy to access.
Approximately 300 hours of continuous operation -  80 hours with backlight.


Measuring range:

0.025 to 19.999 inches ( 0.635 mm to 500 mm) depending on transducer, surface condition, temperature and material.

Display resolution:

0.001 in. ( 0.01 mm).

Material velocity range:

0.01 to 0.59 inches per micro-second.

Allowable surface temperature:

0 F to 300 F (-18 C to 150 C)
High temperature probes available to 650 F.

T-Mike Programmable Kit Contents


T-Mike Programmable Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge.


Operating Manual/Instruction Card


1/4" 5 MHZ Transducer (style user selectable from list).


Program Disk


Data Transfer Cable (for custom setting velocity)


25/9 pin Adapter Connector (for use with cable)




4 "AA" Batteries (Alkaline or NiCad)


Instrument Accessory Case


Certificate of Calibration


All T-Mike Corrosion Thickness Gauges have a full two-year warranty on parts and labor excluding batteries, transducer and cable. Specifications subject to change without notice.

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