Automotive Applications
Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement


  • Measure wall thickness of critical radii of steel sheet after die forming
  • Incoming inspection of steel coils
  • Thickness of plastic bumpers and panels
  • Requires access to only one side (typically outside) of component

Recommended Gauges
  • TM1 CD
  • TM1 CDL with datalogger for permanent documentation of thickness readings
  • T-Mike E (for plastic windows and cowlings)
Ultrasonic Flaw Detection


  • Locate and size discontinuities in vehicle components
  • Locate and size flaws in cast and forged materials
  • Verify integrity of welds: check for lack-of-fusion, undercuts, and cooling cracks
  • Also addresses thickness measurement applications

Recommended Instrument

Ultrasonic Bolt Stress Measurement


  • Verify tension on installed engine headbolts
  • Verfiy tension on installed connecting rod bolts
  • Verify tension on installed main bearing bolts
  • Calibrating and monitoring the performance of tools used for automotive and truck assembly
  • Evaluation of purchased engine fasteners 
  • R & D of new fasteners

Recommended Instrument(s)

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