Selecting the Right Gauge!

All ultrasonic thickness gauges allow measurement of wall thickness with access to only one side of the part.

StressTel thickness gauges are divided into two major families: corrosion thickness gauges and precision thickness gauges.



Corrosion Thickness Gauge

Precision Thickness Gauge

Measurement Range 0.025 to 10.000 inches
0.75 mm to 250 mm
0.0050 to 15.000 inches
0.25 mm to 380 mm
Display Resolution 0.001 inch (0.01 mm) 0.0001 inch (0.01 mm)
Front and Back Surfaces Non-Parallel Surfaces Parallel Surfaces
Surface Condition Pits and Corrosion Machined or Rolled
Typical Applications  * Pipes
 * Castings
 * Tank Bottoms
 * Windshields
 * Forgings
 * Aircraft Components
 * Dies
 * Plastic Bottles
 * Engine Cylinder Walls
 * Coiled Metals
StressTel Thickness
Gauge Family
T-Mike (Digital Display)
T-Scope (A-Scan Display)
TM1 (Digital Display)
Transducer Family Dual Element Single Element Delay
Single Element Contact
Corrosion thickness gauges are available with digital and waveform (or A-Scan) displays. Digital displays are sufficient for the majority of applications.  A-Scan displays are useful in measuring materials with complex geometries, surface coatings, and coarse grain structures.

StressTel thickness gauges are available with several levels of features and prices. Typical features include high/low alarm limits, dataloggers, and minimum thickness capture during rapid scanning.

Select the type of thickness gauge:
rd_ball  Corrosion Thickness Gauge with Digital Display
rd_ball  Corrosion Thickness Gauge with A-Scan Display
rd_ball  Precision Thickness Gauge
Or select a Product Comparison Table:
rd_ball  Corrosion Thickness Gauge Table
rd_ball  Precision Thickness Gauge Table