Weld Inspection
Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement


  • Verify wall thickness of piping prior to weld repairs
  • Incoming thickness inspection of metal sheet
  • Verify thickness of restoration and repair work

Recommended Gauges
  • T-Mike E
  • T-Mike ES with high speed scanning and minimum thickness display
  • T-Mike EL with datalogger for permanent documentation of thickness readings
  • T-Scope III (measure through coatings)
Ultrasonic Flaw Detection


  • Verify integrity of welds: Check for lack-of-fusion, undercuts and cooling cracks
  • Locate and size weld defects such as porosity, slag and cracks
  • Inspect butt, T and corner welds for longitudinal and transverse cracking
  • Inspect for fatigue cracking of welded components and structures
  • Also addresses thickness measurement applications

Recommended Instrument

Last Updated 07/02/01