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Vector Instruments (V.I.) specialise in the manufacture and sale of quality, robust, profesional wind speed and wind direction measuring equipment together with other weather sensors and associated equipment.

The Porton Anemometer and Porton Windvane were the original products of the company and these have been developed into a range of wind speed and direction sensors for specific applications. In addition to these sensors, a variety of weather measuring instruments are also available, including temperature and humidity sensors, associated equipment and mounting accessories.

The Porton Anemometer and Windvane sensors are derived from instruments originally developed in the 1960s for micro-meteorological research by the Chemical Defence Establishment, Porton Down, and were subsequently further developed by Vector Instruments for manufacture under licence. The instruments have been in continuous production since 1972. They provide analogue outputs and are unique in featuring internal self-test circuits and quick-release fasteners for the sensor heads.

Recognised for many years as a leading name in the field of wind instrumentation for scientific research, Vector Instruments sensors have steadily found new uses in environmental monitoring, alternative energy, safety, and industrial applications. For this wider market, the range of wind sensors has been extended to include several new versions featuring different transducer types, outputs and other features optimised for specific applications. V.I. policy is one of continuous improvement of the whole product range, with periodic updating of specifications, while maintaining compatibility with superseded products wherever possible. New sensor designs undergo a thorough program of laboratory tests and field trials before release. Besides the established range of wind speed and direction instruments, V.I. have for many years produced specialist temperature sensors; these include the T351 naturally ventilated mini-screen in versions accepting several types of sensing element, an aspirated temperature sensor made to a UK Met Office design, and the H301 wet and dry bulb psychrometer.

All V.I. anemometer rotors are individually calibrated by comparison with a 'reference' rotor in our wind tunnel. The 'reference' rotors are periodically re-calibrated by BMT, Teddington, UK (formerly a part of NPL), allowing calibration traceability to UK national standards.

All V.I. sensors are constructed in weather-resisting plastics, anodised aluminium and stainless steels, with special versions available for marine environments.


The current range includes:

The current range includes:

(Note: This range of control, readout and recording equipment is currently being re-assessed and will be superseded by a range of new microprocessor based measurement/conditioning/display products).


Besides the range of instruments and equipment manufactured by Vector Instruments, a wide range of other meteorological instruments can be supplied - please contact our sales office (see below) with your individual requirements. Data sheets are available from the sales office for all products, some data sheets are also available by e-mail or by download from this web site.

The currently available sensors include:

The range of accessories available for Vector Instruments sensors and systems includes weatherproof sealed junction boxes and extension cables (in 'connector' and 'terminal block' versions) together with a selection of mast mounts and adaptors to allow rapid and secure installation.